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Hair breakage solutions at home ?

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Riya S MehejabinRiya S Mehejabin

Curd is one of the amazing ingredients against hair breakage. Gather the ingredients below 4tbsp Curd+ 1 egg / 2tbspmayonnaise ( if u don't like egg) + 1tbspolive oil + 1 fresh aloe leaf Mix all the ingredients together. Apply on ur hair. Keep it for 2 hr thn wash it off. Repeat the pack twice a week. For the best results use avocado oil on ur hair.

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Shalini BishtShalini Bisht

Mix 2 table spoon olive oil with 6-8 crushed black peeper. Strain the content. Before applying slightly warm the mixture on hot water. Apply on roots and tips using soft fingers. Don't rub with fingers. It may cause breakage. Keep it overnight. Wash with natural anti Hair fall organic shampoo and Conditioner.

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Oiling is the only solution for all hair problems...the key is to choose the right one❤️

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